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Special Power
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Affidavit of trademark use 
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Special Power
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Special Power
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Affidavit of trademark use 
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Registration Requirements

Argentine holders: to request records on behalf of Argentine natural or legal persons, the following information is required:


  • Full name and surname.

  • Identity card type and number.

  • Individual Taxpayer Identification or Workers Identification Number.

  • Civil status.

  • Real address.


  • Full name of the Company.

  • Registration information within the General Inspection of Justice.

  • Taxpayer Identification.

  • Real address.

  • Names and Surnames of the company´s signatory. The position of the company´s signatory, stating the date of the Statutes or Social Contract and date and number registered confirming the designation of the signer in office.

Additional requirements for Invention Patent or Utility Models:

The interested party must provide the following information for writing the text and preparing the drawings:

  1. A brief description of the invention and its component parts, describing its structure and emphasizing fundamentally the novel elements on which it is desired to acquire the privilege and which differentiate it from what has been known up to now.

  2. It is also convenient to provide some illustration or drawing of the invention.

Additional requirements for Industrial Designs and Models:

The interested party must provide the following information for writing the text and preparing the drawings: 

  1. A reproduction of the ornamental form or the ornamental designs that it is desired to protect, emphasizing fundamentally the novel elements on which the privilege is wanted to acquire and that differentiate it from the known until the moment.

Foreign Holders: To request registrations in the name of holders domiciled abroad, a power is needed to represent them.

The power must be legalized with Apostilles in the cases of countries adhering to the Hague Convention. In the cases of the other countries, the power must be legalized by the Argentine Consulate.
In the case of Brazil, there are bilateral agreements so the power must be legalized only by Itamaraty.

If the trademarks, patents or models claim a foreign priority, a certificate of priority issued by the country of origin without legalization will be required.

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