Invention Patents

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The registration of the Utility Models is governed by Law No. 24481 (modified by its similar N ° 24572 and No. 25859) and by its regulatory decrees.

The patentable invention consists of a new technical solution to a problem posed in a given technological sector.

20 years from the filing date of the application.​

Annual Payments
This is an annual maintenance fee that must be paid in advance, from the 3rd year until the last year of validity of the patent.​


Due to Argentina´s adherence to the Paris Convention, patents may be requested in Argentina with a priority of the foreign order, within 12 months from the date of application abroad.

In the same way, an Argentine individual or legal entity may extend its patent registration to other signatory countries of the Convention within the same period.

  • Analysis and advice by our technical team of innovation regarding the patentability and the best way to carry out the protection.

  • Prior background assessment if necessary.

  • Writing of the patent and preparation of the necessary drawings, presentation of the request and all the steps leading to its registration, including analysis and answer of official objections.

  • Administrative and judicial appeals.

  • Registration of transfers and licenses.

  • Control and monitoring of the deadlines for the payment of annuities. Payment execution.

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Requirements for preparing an Invention Patent

The interested party must provide the following information for writing the text and preparing the drawings:

  1. A brief description of the invention and its component parts, describing its structure and emphasizing fundamentally the novel elements on which it is desired to acquire the privilege and which differentiate it from what has been known up to now.

  2. It is also convenient to provide some illustration or drawing of the invention.

La transferencia puede deberse a una cesión de una persona física o jurídica a otra o por modificaciones societarias o del nombre de una sociedad (cambio de rubro).

Requisitos para la transferencia por cesión:

La cesión debe ser onerosa y puede ser suscripta en el formulario de transferencia o en un contrato de cesión, debiendo ser certificada la firma del cedente por escribano, así como sus facultades si firma en representación de una persona jurídica.

En el caso de empresas domiciliadas en el extranjero, la cesión puede efectuarse en el formulario a tal fin (ver página de formularios) con firmas certificadas por escribano y luego legalizadas por el Consulado Argentino o con Apostillas, según corresponda.

Requisitos para la transferencia por modificación del nombre de la empresa o por otras modificaciones en la sociedad titular:

Se deberá acompañar copia certificada por escribano de la documentación que lo acredita, y si la documentación correspondiera a empresas de otros países, deberá ser legalizada por el Consulado Argentino o con Apostillas, según corresponda.

En todos los casos arriba mencionados, se deberá acompañar el certificado del registro que se transfiere, o en su defecto se solicitará un nuevo testimonio.

Transferencia de Marcas

Patents´ Transfers

The transfer may be due to a transfer of an individual or legal person to another or by corporate changes or the name of a company.
Requirements for transfer by assignment:
The assignment can be either onerous or free. 
In the case of an assignment of Invention Patents, it must be drafted by public deed.

If the parties are domiciled abroad, the assignment can be made on the form for this purpose (see Forms page) with signatures certified by a notary and then legalized by the Argentine Consulate or with Apostilles, as appropriate.


Requirements for the transfer by modification of the name of the company or by other modifications in the proprietary company:
A copy certified by a notary must be accompanied by the documentation that accredits it, and if the documentation corresponds to companies from other countries, it must be legalized by the Argentine Consulate or with Apostilles, as appropriate.

The original registration certificate is needed or in absence, a new official copy will be required.